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Pigfarm Ink – Is Multi-purpose

Posted by 'Yard - January 30, 2013 - Random, Survival

pinkpigsticker Pigfarm Ink   Is Multi purpose

Sueeeyyyyy Oink.

Coming Summer 2013 – Pig Farm Ink – A YouTube adventure that follows the Pig Farm and their crazy idea of getting the worst tattoos they can find removed and…

Pigfarm is part Fly Fishing, Part Tattoos, all Rawk…..

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Instagram: #pigfarm #figparm #pigfarmink

Camp Life – Portable Solutions

Posted by 'Yard - January 29, 2012 - Camp Life, Gear Review, Survival

hilight review Camp Life   Portable Solutions

The HiLight provides charging convenience for USB or Micro USB devices, while also serving as an LED lantern. Ten hours of sunlight charging can power the integrated lantern for up to 20 hours or fully charge three phones. It’s also water resistant, weighs less than a pound, collapses flat, and floats.

HiNation-HiLight provides:

  • 20 hours of light or 3 mobile phone charges from 10 hours of sunlight
  • Strong light, enough to light a small room (360°) for reading, working or socializing
  • Charging of mobile phones, GPS, MP3, digital camera and similar via USB outlet
  • Compact & robust construction
  • Water resistant and floats on water (great for the kayak trip!)
  • Easy to hang, put down or carry
  • All-in-one construction; solar cell built into the lamp itself
  • Light-weight, ~430g
  • High-efficiency solar cell and LED diode
  • No environmentally harmful substances (RoHS compliant)

  • Click here to see more from HiNation

    slatgrill review Camp Life   Portable Solutions

    The SlatGrill:
    Simple. Versatile. Portable. Set up anywhere. Cook anything.

    Use gas, charcoal, wood — any fuel source you choose. The panels block the wind, while the vents let the flame breathe. Made of hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel, SlatGrill is light and compact, so you can take it anywhere. It’s quick and easy to set up, with no tools required. It won’t rust. And since there are no moving parts, it’s easy to clean. Perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, etc. SlatGrill is guaranteed for life and made in the USA.

    Click here to see more from SlatGrill

    Kangol x Aerial7 Collection – Intergrated Headphones

    Posted by 'Yard - August 26, 2011 - Gear Review, Survival

    kangol aeroal7 01 Kangol x Aerial7 Collection   Intergrated Headphones

    kangol aeroal7 02 Kangol x Aerial7 Collection   Intergrated Headphones

    kangol aeroal7 03 Kangol x Aerial7 Collection   Intergrated Headphones

    kangol aeroal7 04 Kangol x Aerial7 Collection   Intergrated Headphones

    These are gonna be perfect for o’dark thirty, 40 degree, pissing down rain, cast, mend, swing, winter steelhead days.

    Kan­gol teams up with head­phone com­pany AERIAL7 to develop a col­lec­tion of hats which fea­ture a built-​​in sound sys­tem. The new Kan­gol caps have flaps inside which hold AERIAL7′s Sound Disk which mea­sures a mere 8.5mm thick and “deliv­ers a full spec­trum sound expe­ri­ence,” accord­ing to the com­pany. Expected avail­abil­ity Fall/​Winter 2011.

    See More here

    Montana – HB309 “Ditch Bill” Meeting March 8th

    Posted by 'Yard - March 6, 2011 - Survival

    no on HB309 Montana   HB309 Ditch Bill Meeting March 8th

    FOAM Members:

    House Bill 309, the ‘Ditch Bill’, is scheduled for hearing in the Senate Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation Committee on Tuesday, March 8, in Room 303, the old Supreme Court chambers, starting at 3:00 p.m.

    This email is to encourage your participation and to give you the info you need to be ready for a successful challenge to House Bill 309.


    If you send comments before Tuesday, the committee members may not remember them – they’re home during the Session Break from Feb 25 to Feb 28. Make your comments count at the right time: just after the break, just before the hearing on Tuesday, and right after the hearing.

    If you can, COME TO THE HEARING! With many opponents from all over Montana taking the time to attend, the committee members will know the bill as written needs to be tabled. Talk to your pals, work out a carpool, and come. This is dangerous legislation with possible long-term consequences for our industry, and we need to work hard together to help the committee members understand our concerns.

    Download the bill:

    Senate Agriculture, Livestock & Irrigation Committee Members and contact info:

    Sen. Donald Steinbeisser (R, Sidney):

    Sen. Gary Branae (D, Billings):

    Sen. Taylor Brown (R, Huntley):

    Sen. Bob Hawks (D, Bozeman):

    Sen. Rowlie Hutton (R, Havre):

    Sen. Cliff Larson (D, Missoula):

    Sen. Eric Moore (R, Miles City):

    Sen. Terry Moore (R, Cardwell):

    Sen. Rick Ripley (R, Wolf Creek): (406) 562-3502

    Sen. Sharon Stewart-Peregoy (D, Crow Agency):

    Sen. Jonathan Windy Boy (D, Box Elder):

    Any legislator may be contacted via an online form at:

    Message limit:1250 characters; Do not use characters * ^ ; & > < / '

    Or by phone: Call 406-444-4800 and leaving a message indicating which Senator you want to contact, what bill you’re calling about (HB309), a vote ‘against’, and your comments.

    * Comment on how HB309 would affect your business if access were limited by new definitions in the bill;
    * Talk about how your fishing on days off would be affected by limited access;
    * The existing Stream Access Law (SAL) already defines ‘ditches’ adequately;
    * The SAL was created cooperatively by many interested parties;
    * HB309 involved few, if any, parties other than a few irrigators and landowners;
    * The bill virtually guarantees lengthy, expensive legal wrangling over access on many rivers and streams;
    * The bill replaces current law that has satisfied many landowners for decades;
    * Urge a DO NOT PASS vote!

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Robin Cunningham

    Via: Fishing Outfitters Association of Montana

    If you live in the Bozeman, MT area and want to attend the meeting. Our buddy Rick Matney has open seats in his rig to carpool there. Give him a call @ 406.209.2457

    If you live outside of MT, please take a minute to email the Senators and Governor of MT to make your voice heard!!
    slough Montana   HB309 Ditch Bill Meeting March 8th

    Eat. Sleep. Spawn.

    Posted by 'Yard - January 28, 2011 - Survival

    eat sleep spawn Eat. Sleep. Spawn.

    Paracord Survival Belt

    Posted by 'Yard - December 29, 2010 - Survival

    SS BELT 2 Paracord Survival Belt

    These would make sweet wading belts, if they had quick clips. Each belt contains between 125 feet and 200 feet of paracord, that can come in extremely handy in a survival situation. Survival Straps makes a variety of products including gun slings and lanyards

    CRKT – Delegate – EDC

    Posted by 'Yard - November 26, 2010 - Gear Review, Survival

    delegate CRKT   Delegate   EDC

    Coming soon from Columbia River Knife & Tool, the Delegate – EDC is one hot mess of a knife. Check out the video review.